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#* Where the Red Fern Grows


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5my favorite book
Von joseph c.andersen
As a boy i didn't have to much time to read. I had way to many other things, more important things to do. Like playing soccer or going fishing. I was given this book in school and was supposed to do a book report on it. I didnt. My teacher gave me a second chance but she also said that if i didnt read the book and give my report before the whole class i would fail 5th grade. Well guess what i read the book and then read it again. I cried like a baby at the end and cried when i gave my report. This is one of the best books I've ever read and it is responsible for my love of books today. I read at least one book every 2 weeeks. I live in germany now and am looking for this book(in german) for my son. If anyone out there knows where i can get a copy PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I would be very greatfull. To all those readers out there who havn't read this book all i can say is read it its worth it! Old Dan and Little Ann will live in our hearts forever.

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5Where the Red Fern Grows
Von William
I think the book Where the Red Fern Grows, had a great plot and story line to it. A boy had but one wish and that was to own a set of hounds,he wanted them so much that it began to make sick. After many summers of work he was able to make his dream come true. Then he began the most wonderul days of his life. A bond of love and loyalty was made between him and his dogs. He spent many days of hunting with the hounds till finally he was able to enter them into the Anual Hunting Contest. After alot of work and disaster he was able to win. Later while in the mountains he battles a cougar and out of love and courage his dogs give there life. The boy was affected greatly and all throughout his life he never forgot the loyalty of his dogs Old Dan and Little Anne.

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5The Heartwarming Story of a Boy and Two Dogs
Von Alexander M. Quigley
As a child, I too had "dog fever," described by the Wilson Rawls in the story. I read this book many times as a boy and still return to it today as an adult. No other book better describes the beautiful relationship shared by humans and dogs. It is an unconditional love that differs from anything people feel for each other. The story of Dan and Ann remains a timeless classic that should be shared among all children who have a special place in their hearts for dogs. As a teacher, I see many ways in which this story could be employed in the classroom. It would fit well into a thematic unit on animals or pets. Additionally, the story includes a lot of material that could be used to assist in teaching students responsibility, something children today no little about.

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