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$! War and peace (Great books of the Western world) (Great books of the Western world)


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4Gut bis auf die Schriftgröße
Von Enomis
Das Buch ist gut, der einzige Manko ist allerdings die winzige Schriftgröße. Nach einiger Zeit tun mir leider die Augen weh, was bei einem Buch mit 994 Seiten etwas unangenehm sein kann. Ansonsten: Preis-Leistung Top!

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5A deep and profound classic
Von James Rogers
WAR AND PEACE successfully captured life's promises, challenges, joys, triumphs, and losses in a way that no other novels has done before and after. In this novel with more characters than any other I can imagine; the main characters are Pierre Bezuhov, Prince Andrey Bolkonsky, and Natasha Rostov, who are all affected by the destabilization of the war Napoleon brought upon Russia in the early nineteenth century. It is around them that the other characters revolve. Even though the sheer size of this novel of over a million words may discourage readers to pick it up, the consuming nature of the story keeps a reader glued to the book from the opening pages. The sheer power of this romantic and adventurous story made this classic story to survive as perhaps the best of all times.The essence of Power, which is what leads individuals to move nations is the ultimate question of War and Peace. And this individuals or great men of history, are in reality the slave of history. That underlying fact can be found in other Russian stories. UNION MOUJIK, TARAS BULBA, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT,MASTER AND MAN feature that concept. The war part of the story features remarkable military campaigns such as those by Napoleon and his Russian counterpart, Emperor Aleksandr, as they employed their different strategies in the quest for victory on the lands of Russia.War and Peace is entertaining as well as enlightening and is considered by many to be the master of all Russian novels. Its overview of Russian life and culture involving peasants and the aristocracy gives a true to life portrayal of humanity. You can find glimpses of other Great Russian novels in this story. In short, this epic cannot be forgotten after you have read it.

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5about norton edition
Von Ein Kunde
This review is mainly about the 2nd edition of Norton Critical Edition of War and Peace. This book is superb. The layout now is much better compared to the first edition -- almost as good as A. A. Knopf -- which makes reading an enjoying. But there are certain drawbacks. The detailed content list has been dropped from the previous edition. If you are familiar with the content, there is no problem. Otherwise, it's not very convenient. Also some maps were omitted. Now we have only three maps of 1812 campaign. The are no maps of '05 or '07 campaigns. Also a list of main figures and brief chronology are appreciated since it's such a big book. A suggestion of the remedy--xerox what you need from, e.g., other editions and bring with you.

A common drawback in almost all current English translations and editions of W&P is the lack of the translations of French words. In my opinion, it's appropriate to keep the French usage in the context as the author desired but have the corresponding English translation in footnote. It should not be that difficult, shouldn't it?

Finally, my suggestion is: read the book, live with it at least for a period in your life. You can actually read from some very different viewpoints and the book presents itself in very different aspects when you do so. If you don't like it, it's OK. You can always enjoy life itself. I repulsed the book when I was young. But I go back to it after all.

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