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#* Personality types: Using the enneagram for self-discovery


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5Reading this book jerked me back from Hell
Von Ein Kunde
Does this sound absurdly melodramatic? I assure you it's accurate. I knew from another source that I was a Four (Romantic), but hadn't really delved into Enneagrams. (I'd been studying Myers-Briggs.) Yet as I leafed through my chapter in Personality Types, I was stunned and mortified to find an assessment of my character so chillingly accurate, it was as if the results of 10 years of intensive psychoanalysis was handed to me on a platter. Dazed, I read on: every single sentence skewered me relentlessly. Self-recognition swept over me in waves, and I furtively glanced around to see if other book store patrons noticed that I was starting to cry. My tears were of relief that through Don Riso's extraordinarily perceptive book I was about to save my own life. I am a Four in a far-advanced state of disintegration, my life so chaotic despite my attempts at self-understanding that I've been on the verge of suicide, or madness, or both. What a revelation....Here are the insights and the help I've spent 5 decades both seeking and avoiding, and thank God, it's NOT too late! I've turned away from a path that would lead to destruction of myself and the lives of my children. And you know what? I've bought tubes of lipstick more expensive than this book. After a TON of work, MY story's going to have a happy ending. Now I have the tools. Thank you, Don Richard Riso!

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4Good, but use it wisely
Von Ilana Teitelbaum
The main purpose of this book is to type yourself in order that you should know how to become a fully integrated individual. Understanding of the self is one step to self-discovery, but the next step, as the book illustrates, is to move toward one's 'point of integration', to attain one's full potential. To that end 'Character Types' has been heaven-sent for me. It becomes painfully clear that left to ourselves, we attempt to improve in the way which is exactly the opposite of what we really need. As a Four, I was constantly introspecting and obsessing, certain that if I did so long enough I would understand everything. Not until I read this book did I understand that the only way to improve would be to fight my natural tendencies, to become more open to experiencing and to take things easier. This insight, though it sounds small, leaves me indebted to Don Riso for writing a book which was as effective as any 12-step program, and which will be applicable for the rest of my life in setting goals to strive towards.

On the other hand, this book should come with some disclaimers. The first is that this book should not be used in rigidly 'typing' other individuals besides yourself. The fact is, no one can ever presume to know what goes on inside another human being, and that natural barrier should be respected. Even if someone exhibits all the signs of a certain type, they should still be respected as the complex people they are, instead of being consigned to a filing cabinet. For people to start saying, "Oh, he's such a typical Five, always reading" is ridiculous, even degrading. For a basic understanding of the many facets of human nature, reading about the other types is fascinating--but that's as far as these descriptions should be taken to apply to real-life individuals and relationships.

Also, people should take the type descriptions with a grain of salt. The book is sometimes too specific--these types should be used to describe general tendencies, not specific details within the personality. Just because I am a certain type, that does not mean I cannot be radically different from others who share my type. The world is a wonderfully complex place, and people are the most complex things in it. Sharing some similarities *does not* make us the same.

The parental orientations, while interesting to read and perhaps even relevant sometimes, are the equivalent to psychobabble on some level and should also be taken with a grain of salt. The typing of celebrities is completely irrelevant, for reasons already expressed above.

Taken all in all, 'Character Types' is a valuable tool toward attaining self-discovery and understanding the means to attain one's full potential. The levels of development are charted at length, and the points of integration and disintegration highlight the manner in which people deteriorate, or more positively, the way they achieve health and integration. It also provides insight into people other than yourself, making it possible to appreciate the differences in each human being. For a book on the Enneagram, look no further than this.

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5The Best Book on the Enneagram
Von Ein Kunde
Out of the dozen or so books I've read about the enneagram, this one is the best. Riso divides each of the 9 personality types into 9 levels, giving us 81 different readings. The readings are in depth and on target. The levels bleed into each other, so you may find that you identify with levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of your type, for example. Riso also does an excellent job of describing the two wings to every personality type, so if you know your type you will probably be able to recognize your wing easily. I'm sure there are other possible systems of differentiating people from each other by type, besides this and Myers-Briggs, that haven't yet been discovered, but Riso's enneagram should be more widely known than it is. Educated people should know their type. Some people make the argument that individuals are all unique, that there are no types, but this attitude basically tells us not to try to understand human nature because it's too complicated. This excellent book gives us a good system to understand people.

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