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+! The Naked Lunch, 1st Edition


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5Only after three readings did this book finally hit me
I don't want to sound stupid or something, but it took me three times to get through this book. It wasn't because I was offended or anything but because it was so weird in parts that it lost me. Determined that this book was not going to kick my butt I went back and read it, and this time finished it. And it blew my mind. There were parts of the book that I wouldn't call offensive (maybe because I'm not easily offended), but there are parts that are not for the weak of stomach...the whole affair with Slastubitch (I believe that's his name) comes to mind. Yet it's there for a purpose. Burroughs was pointing out just how ignorant and hypocritcial society of his time (and of our time too) was, and writing about Mugwumps secreting juices out of their penises was a sure fire way to do this. There are also parts of this book that I found to be downright hilarous, particularly anything involving a purple assed baboon. I've practically lent this book out to all my friends, or have convinced them to buy it. One of my professors here at RU told me that of all the beats, Burroughs was the true visionary of the bunch, and upon reading the Naked Lunch, his remark is easily justified.

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3A retrospective:
Von Ein Kunde
Naked Lunch is, for better or worse, the key to most people's experience of Burroughs' writing. And they either love it or hate it. Most people I talk to say they couldn't get through it, and this is easy to understand. What is it about this book that people keep talking about it?

So NL was/is a revolutionary book, and reading it for the first time can be a fireworks experience. At the same time it must be admited that the writing is uneven - since everything was so new, he and his fellow editors could hardly tell what to keep and what to discard. NL is like visiting a genetics lab before they've had a chance to throw out all the failures.

Naked Lunch is a record of a Burroughs' writing break-through. He started trying to write another Junky (see NL's first chapter) and ends up trying to destroy language (the cut-ups he slips into the end of the book - contrary to common belief, NL is not a "cut-up" book in the sense of the technique Burroughs later employed).

My own advice to first-time readers is to skip or skim the first chapter, which drags and creates a wrong impression of the rest of the book. Thereafter you should read as the mood takes you, receiving the writing as a series of darkly-humorous skits, lectures and moods.

It's perfectly valid to just dip into the book anywhere, and read for as long as the mood holds you. The structure Burroughs' originally planned for this book was disposed of in the final edit, and the published version is almost completely random. The book may also be a little disconcerting because of its period - a lot of the satires and characters relate specifically to the repressive USA of the late 1950's, and many of these archetypes are now extinct.

Finally, it's important to remember what came after the revolution - Naked Lunch was only the beginning. The 1960's saw his strangest period - the "cut-ups" - when he pursued his destructive/creative technique as a philosophy, and pushed it beyond all rational limits. The 1970's and 80's saw another revolution - the return to narrative, in a distinctly Burroughs way, and a refinement and enrichment of his style. Some would consider his finest writing to be in these later works.

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5Stunning and Provocative
Von IvyLily
I read this book in 3 1/2 days, after receiving a reccomendation from a friend. This book is absolutely unbelievable. It twists your reality and perception to new points. It mocks government and people, and shows what lies at the base of every human action; lust, greed and addiction. It shows humanity as its uncovered self, and exposes the bizarre society He has created. This book is deliciously warped and will blow your mind with its awesome descriptions and well-selected scenes. It is drugs sex and society. It is life. I highly reccomend this to anyone looking for a life-changing book. This book had me spell-bound, nothing like anything I had ever read before. I'm immediatly going to buy "Junky"-its sequel- now that I've finished "Naked Lunch." This book is a lot like one of its main characters (heroin) in how damn addicting it is. Get this book for a motivating and enlightening experience.

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